About ABC Children Specialist Clinic

ABC Children Specialist Clinic in Centrepoint provides comprehensive and multidisciplinary services for children.
ABC Child Specialist - Main Entrance
Sick child waiting area
Waiting areas for well children.
Receiptionist Area
Consultation Rooms
Dispensary Area
Receiptionist Area

Our Mission

We are committed to providing the highest quality medical care to babies, children and adolescents.

Our Values

We understand that every child has different needs and require different levels of care.

In Our Care

Little details matter to us, That's why we separate consultation and waiting areas for well and sick.

ABC Children Specialist Clinic was first conceptualised in early 2012, conceived in June 2012 and finally delivered on 2nd January 2013.

The opening was a joyous affair well attended by many colleagues and friends in the pharmaceutical and nutritional companies. It was officiated by Dato Teo Chiang Kok, the CEO of Bandar Utama Developments (Developer of Centrepoint - home of ABC Children Specialist Clinic).

The logo and our tagline: "For Children We Care" were unveiled. We believe in continuous care and ongoing relationships with the parents and care givers of our patients. The child is viewed in a holistic manner, where his/her physical, behavioural and psychological well beings are equally considered. There are clinics conducted by experienced behavioural and learning consultants.


ABC is an acronym for:

"A" : adolescents

"B" : Baby

"C" - Children

Every Children Deserve The Best Care

In our efforts to innovate, and develop state of the art facilities, we have designed separate waiting areas for well and sick children, to minimise cross infection while waiting. There is a computerised queue system to reduce waiting time, plus nursing rooms to promote breast feeding for optimal health.